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Your adventure on your gap year

Taking a gap year/month is an important step in your life. It should be done for a purpose, which could include giving you space and time to think out your options. Don't assume it is obligatory. You may want to volunteer, work to raise money, do a course, go on an exhibition or just travel.

Whenever you plan to do it:

  • Before Higher Education/university
  • During your HE/uni
  • After your HE/uni

Look further to examine your options. The sky's the limit!


These young people on a gap year are meeting up in Vanuatu for a break, having flown in from various islands where they had been doing voluntary work. Young people’s gap years all over the world are making a difference for their own understanding and for the people they are helping.


This section of the website guides you through the 5 steps on the road to a gap year, if it is right for you:

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