Sat, 17 Mar 2018

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Why take a gap year ?

Not surprisingly, opinions vary on the value of taking a gap year/retirement gap.  Take advice, listen to the arguments, but each individual’s circumstances are different. Only you can make the decision.

Quite honestly, in retirement you are in a position to indulge yourself after a lifetime of working and looking after friends/family. 

Forget the reasons and justifications:

Why not take a retirement gap?

Chris  Barrass, ACE
Chris Barrass, age 55, Phinda Wildlife Research Project.

“Nine lions were to be transported to Mozambique to restock an area depleted in wildlife. This involved darting them, taking blood samples and checking them for TB. This was carried out by a wildlife vet as we witnessed the whole event. On another occasion one of the researchers needed to collar a leopard. I got to drive the research truck through the reserve, sleep out in the bush on the back of the open truck and witness a spotted hyena darted and released. Fantastic!'

Chris was on a conservation project with African Conservation Experience.

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