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Useful books

The descriptions about gap year travel are written by the book publishers.



 ‘Taking a Gap Year’ (Susan Griffith, Vacation Work) ISBN 1-85458-294-1
‘The most comprehensive guide to taking a year out. This book aims to canvass the possibilities comprehensively and covers a wealth of both mainstream and obscure options.’
‘Work your way around the world’ (Susan Griffith, Vacation Work) ISBN 1-85458-329-8
‘The Gap Year Book’ (Lonely Planet) ISBN 1-74059-666-8
‘Packed with essential advice on saving and raising money, what to pack, keeping in touch and staying safe, the inside track on when and where to go and numerous ideas about what to do..’
‘Gap Travel Guide’ (Red Guides, Merricks Media) ISBN 190504927-7
‘The ultimate guide to time out.’
‘The gap-year guidebook’ ( ) ISBN 1-904724-34-5 ‘everything you need to know about taking a gap-year, year out or career break’
‘Before You Go’ (Tom Griffiths, Bloomsbury) ISBN 1-90401-201-9
‘It has literally helped thousands of young first time travellers get started and off on their travels’.
‘Taking a Year Of’f' (Val Butcher, Trotman) ISBN 0-85660-552-2
‘Whatever your motivation or stage of life, Taking a Year Off will help you weigh up the pros and cons, look at all your options and plan how to make the most of the chance of a lifetime.’
‘Worldwide Volunteering’ (howtobooks, compiled by Roger Potter)
ISBN 1-85703-910-6
‘WorldWide Volunteering's database of 350000 volunteering opportunities in 215 countries (including the UK) enables people to search through placements offered by over 1100 organisations and produce a tailored list to suit their own requirements.’
‘Planning Your Gap Year’ (Nick Vandome, howtobooks)
ISBN 1-85703-879-7
‘Hundreds of Opportunities for Employment, Study, Volunteer Work and Independent Travel’



‘Gap Year for Grown Ups’ (Susan Griffiths, Vacation Work) ISBN 1-85458-351-4

‘The most comprehensive guide to taking a career break’

‘The Career Break Book’ (Lonely Planet) ISBN 1-74059-866-0

‘swop your briefcase for a passport and live your dream’

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