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To have a look at some great ideas for what to do with your gap year, see IDEAS

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Gap Year TALKS

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Key questions to ask


  • How much time have I got? Produce a personal calendar for your time, bearing in mind that a gap 'year' can be from a month to 2 years.
  • What do I want to do? List the activities. You can work, volunteer, go on an expedition, do a course/cultural exchange, backpack and more in the time available.
  • Where would I like to do it? It could be in the UK, or abroad or both. A round the world ticket can be surprisingly affordable.
  • Will I go on an organised project or make my own arrangements?
  • How do I choose a gap year company?  One way is to ask to see their Code of Practice, covering such issues as
  • How do I choose a gap year company?  One way is to ask to see their Code of Practice, covering such issues as
    • Terms and conditions
    • Annual accounts
    • Crisis and risk policy
    • Health and Safety
    • Support and supervision
    • Public liability insurance
    • Personal insurance
    • Equal opportunities
    • An ethical code
  • Can I see a programme of activities?
  • Would I like to be on my own or with others? Some organisations specialise in group activities, others in challenging you to be on your own or with a partner.
  • How are people selected to participate in the activity?
  • Can I talk with returned 'gappers'?
  • What is the total cost? Ask each company to break down the cost. A Gap Cost Calculator can be downloaded here: Gap Cost Calculator.
  • Where does my money go?
  • What safety  considerations are there and what support will I be given?
  • Will I be briefed before I go and de-briefed on my return?
  • More key questions which you need to ask if you are looking for an organisation to provide a structured placement can be found at the Year Out Group website: . These questions can be applied to non-structured gap years.
  • Finally, check your motivation for making your decisions. Has your plan been based on your heart or your head?

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