Sat, 17 Mar 2018

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Culture shock

The first few days/weeks abroad on a gap year can be a shock to the system.  Don't think there is something wrong with you!  It is quite normal to to feel that you want to go home.  Things will be great one moment and possibly awful the next. The heat might get to you, or the noise, the crowds, the smells, the pollution, the lack of privacy, missing home comforts, the way that people look at you.

Try to:

  • accept that your feelings are normal
  • learn as much about your surroundings as possible
  • respect the views and attitudes of locals
  • find out the cultural do's and don'ts - eg about dress, hospitality, religion, attitudes to the opposite sex, taking photos
  • not be critical
  • share your feelings
  • find time for fun
  • exercise regularly 
  • set targets, a week at a time
  • laugh

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