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Investigate it

So you want to take a gap year/career break.  What next?

There is a lot to consider and a lot of research is needed.

Keep in mind that:


  • If you are inexperienced of travelling, it’s best to start off with an organised activity with others of your age and then with increased confidence take more control of your career break.
  • Try to link your career break to areas of interest i.e. hobbies or career
  • A round the world ticket is a sound basis for planning.
  • Don’t forget to think about what you do can in the UK, as well as abroad.

Some of the key issues in your investigation will include:

  • What would you really like to do?
  • Which countries would you like to include?
  • For how long and when do you want to be away from home?
  • Do you want to be on your own, with someone else, or in a group?
  • Will you arrange it yourself (DIY), go through an organization or a combination of both?
  • Safety Issues. What should you be doing to prepare yourself?

Robert Wilson, who went with Crystal International Academy to Canada, said: ‘After 8 years in Engineering I decided to change career and train to be a ski Instructor, and after selling my house and car, I booked the international course in Whistler after finding it on the internet. I expected to make some new friends, have fun skiing, learn new skills, and leave with some qualifications. The course surpassed all expectations. I will hopefully be using my qualifications in NZ this summer or in North America or Europe next winter.’




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