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Why take a gap year?

Not surprisingly, opinions vary on the value of taking a gap year. Take advice, listen to the arguments, but remember each individual’s circumstances are different. Only you can make the decision.

Advantages in favour of a gap year before HE include:

  • To have a break, after 14 years of school
  • It improves self-confidence and all round personal skills
  • To boost your UCAS application
  • Some people apply to university knowing grades
  • You will be more focussed and committed at university
  • You may change your course/modules to your advantage
  • To raise money for HE
  • The opinion is that you are less likely to ‘drop out’ at university
  • Employers look favourably on applications from those who took a gap year (but not just travelling)
  • Finding out whether a particular career is really for you
  • You might not get another chance

Disadvantages include:

  • Your friends will have moved on and you will be a year behind them
  • You might not go to university
  • Your study skills will have diminished
  • You could be at risk of being injured - but so could you at home!
  • It could be a let down
The experiences gained on a gap year could have a profound effect on you and affect the rest of your life. Many gap year students change their degree course and/or future profession as a result of their experiences. This has to be a good thing – better than embarking on the wrong course and going into a job you hate. Even the decision not to go to university after a gap year might be the right one given your circumstances - hard though this may be to take for friends and family.

Advantages & disadvantages in favour of a gap during and after HE

These will depend very much on personal circumstances.  Many students are encouraged to gain work experience during their holidays or to take a year out to develop their skills and knowledge eg language study overseas.

After HE it is quite natural to seek employment straight away.  It would be worth checking with your future employer whether they would support a 'gap' - they can only say no!  On the other hand, if you are not certain about your future employment, a gap might give you a new perspective on the world of work and enhance your CV.


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