Sat, 17 Mar 2018

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Travelling companions


Travelling with a friend or friends clearly has its advantages - of course, you may not stay friends for long!

Going on an organised activity clearly means you will quickly get to know other people well - this process could start well before the departure date.

Some people actually prefer to travel alone, through personal choice.  They often don't stay alone for long.

Finding someone to travel with is now not difficult - but it needs careful consideration.  Check people out!  eg ask to meet friends of your travel companion.  Some sources for finding travelling companions are:

  • notice boards at travel/gap year exhibitions
  • the directories listed at elsewhere on this site often have travel companion areas


Organisations have been set up to help you eg


Nikki Leadbetter went to South Africa with Ticket To Ride:
‘I always wanted to spend my Gap Year surfing for an extended period of time in order to improve my surfing to top standard, and gain international qualifications as a surf coach, and lifesaver. Throughout the three months in South Africa I experienced such a huge range of different experiences sights and people, it was an eye opening and humbling experience at times. Working in some of the local schools and townships was a humbling and eye opening experience.’

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