Sat, 17 Mar 2018

Gap Year IDEAS

To have a look at some great ideas for what to do with your gap year, see IDEAS

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Gap Year TALKS

For an impartial gap year talk at a school, college or an exhibition, see TALKS

DIY or through a company?

As far as DIY or through a company is concerned, this really depends on your personal circumstances.  Certainly the question 'Why should I pay a gap year company to organise my gap year when I could do it myself?' is often asked, along with 'Where does my money go to? '.  If you do arrange it yourself, then you will need to do lots of research eg talk to people who have been there before you.  Safety is paramount.

It’s your decision, based on a number of factors:

  • your experience of travel
  • your own self-confidence
  • safety considerations
  • support: before, during and after your gap year
  • being with people of your own age
  • the knowledge that a company has a sound track record
  • value for money
  • the time you have to make your arrangements's strong advice is that it is best to start off with a well-organised, structured activity with other like-minded people.  From a position of strength, having adjusted to your surroundings and made new friends, you can get more involved in arranging your own activities.

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